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Jul. 22nd, 2009

I surf craigslist from time to time for fun and cheap pet supplies, and as a responsible rabbit owner, I often am saddened by posts about rabbits being offered for sale because the kids don't want them any more, or people not realizing what a time committment a rabbit is and then giving it up. So when I saw an ad asking what kind of rabbit breeds are best for kids, I responded. The ad in its entirety:

"what would be the best kind of rabbits to get 2 kids 6 and 8 yrs old
they will be kept inside so they need not to poo a lot what about duarf ones

Im sure they will want to pet and hold them "

I was suspicious of this person's body of knowledge about what rabbits really need (they think there's a breed of rabbit that poops less? Really, guys?), so I emailed them with a few facts about indoor rabbits (that they ALL poop, that they aren't terrific pets for children because many of them scare easily and don't like to be picked up, that they chew things like electrical cords if you don't watch them, etc...) and suggested they try a hamster, which would need less out of cage time and are easier to clean up after. I didn't expect a response, but this morning they emailed me back saying "thanks, hamster it is!"

Is it wrong of me to feel a tiny bit happy and smug that I have prevented another rabbit from being rehomed because it didn't fit the family who adopted it?

Le List.

ETA: My sister is making me jump through hoops. BUT AT LEAST SHE'S TALKING TO ME

Good things:

1. Aced conducting final. I was suddenly possessed by the gods of conducting and managed to keep my shoulders from jiggling and my baton from appealing to the Heavens. Also T accused me of eating a caterpillar.

2. Walked Mosey down by the river. Played with a big pine branch. Was only mildly embarrassed since he came when I called 85% of the time.

3. Met T's woman. Who is kind and good-natured and I like her.

4. Receiving bunnies in 20 minutes!

5. Paul sent me a vague text about possibly having a car for me.

6. Reconfigured my favorite bands. They are now: R.E.M., The Magnetic Fields, Everclear, Mark Lanegan Band, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Stones, The Beatles, and The White Stripes

Other things:
I am a bully.
My mother has effectively set me loose. Which is a good and bad thing that I refuse to deal with at the moment.
I am excited to work with horses all summer, and to tackle obedience training a medium sized dog with temperment issues.
There is someone playing a banjo outside Chapin.
I wish I could find my other pack of cigarettes.

well crap

I just realized that my LJ post bullets look like bombs. Oh well.

Things I have accomplished today:
1. sent out mass email to house, began to tally votes
2. wrote a short pavane opening for flute and cello
3. mended one sorry pair of pants
4. went to class
5. wrote a paper
6. educated the masses (Brigid) in my taste in classical music
7. continued to keep my room failry clean except for the fruit salad
8. did non-class reading. for to improve my soul.

Men men men men manly men men

 How would you describe your feelings towards beards?

 <input ... > I like beards very much
<input ... > I like beards
<input ... > I am indifferent about beards
<input ... > I somewhat dislike beards
<input ... > I strongly dislike beards

If you like beards, what are your reasons? Check all that apply. 

<input ... > I think beards are good looking
<input ... > I think beards give a man a more masculine appearance
<input ... > I think beards give a man a more natural appearance
<input ... > I think beards are sexy
<input ... > I think beards feel good to touch
<input ... > other reasons (please specify):

 If you dislike beards, with which of the following statements do you agree? Check all that apply. 

<input ... > I've always disliked beards and never stopped to consider why
<input ... > I dislike beards because they are uncommon, unusual and unfamiliar to me
<input ... > I dislike beards because I prefer the look and feel of a "clean-shaven" man
<input ... > I dislike beards based on my own personal preferences

If you dislike beards, with which of the following statements do you agree? 

<input ... > I am open to reconsidering my dislike of beards
<input ... > I am not open to reconsidering my dislike of beards

Please enter any additional comments about beards and any comments or suggestions regarding this survey.


pumpkin bread

Things that are wrong in my life:

This is a serious problem. In the past 12 hours I have already done three things I seriously regret. One of them was eat too much pumpkin bread for breakfast. Yuck. 
The main problem with this is that I am pretty sure I am going to fuck up the really nice life I've managed to carve out for myself this year. I don't know what to do ::big sigh::

2. I think I can do things that I cannot, in fact, do. Like manage my emotions properly. And not alienate my house. And not scare away people I love. And not leak all over abovementioned people.

3. I've clipped my nails too short.

4. I've gained back some of the weight I lost this summer.

5. I just downlaoded a song called "My dog has been knocked up" in german. This is bad for many reasons, mainly because I should not be downloading songs, i should be showering so i can do a sound check at ten.


Anyway, enough with the angst.


Oct. 10th, 2007

rebgrasshopper: I Don't Sleep, I Dream: REM
rebgrasshopper: Between the Bars: Madeleine Peyroux
rebgrasshopper: Luca: Brand New
rebgrasshopper: Casimir Pulaski Day: Sufjan Stevens
rebgrasshopper: Hard Headed Woman: Cat Stevens
rebgrasshopper: Amelia: Joni Mitchell
rebgrasshopper: Ode To Divorce: Regina Spektor
rebgrasshopper: 11:11 : Rufus Wainwright
rebgrasshopper: Confessin' The Blues: The Rolling Stones
rebgrasshopper: Sometimes It Be That Way: Jewel
rebgrasshopper: Come Back from San Francisco: The Magnetic Fields
rebgrasshopper: To Lay Me Down: Cowboy Junkies
rebgrasshopper: Hammon Song: The Roches
rebgrasshopper: Ruby Tuesday: The Rolling Stones
rebgrasshopper: This One Goes Out to the One I Love: REM
rebgrasshopper: Sweet Jane: Cowboy Junkies
rebgrasshopper: Lilac Wine: Jeff Buckley
rebgrasshopper: Quitting Time: The Roches
rebgrasshopper: and... Chains: Fleetwood Mac

again with the sick

Why is it that I need a vacation from my vacations? 
also, why am I suddenly a human slug?


p.s. more

p.s. I am a ridiculous human being. this was my actual to-do list today, written down and carried in my pocket:

1. make appointment for apology
2.  stop avoiding Dean
3. walk mosey
4. go to classes
5. worry about fish
6. call aunt jerrie
7. climb "spicy" rock wall route
8. go to Jonathon Coulton concert
9. stop avoiding housemates